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Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
Hapkido - Won Ki Do - Won Kum Do
Distance Learning Program
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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne

Online Course - Hapkido White - Black Belt

Finding time to pursue your passions isn't an option for everyone these days, and that's why we offer online martial arts training with certified Grandmaster. Our martial arts training modules allow you to receive martial arts instruction and certification from the comfort of your own home.

Hapkido - White Belt thru Black Belt Course Only $149.99 (online special save 60%)

Yellow  Belt (7th)

32 Techniques - 17 slide steps - 5 ground maneuvering - 5  basic punch defense -  
5 basic kick defense

Yellow/Blue   (6th)

42 Techniques - 5  beginner special kicks 10 beginning techniques (fighting stance & natural stance) - 17 basic wrist techniques - 10 wrist techniques

Blue (5th)

35 Techniques - 20 wrist techniques - Basic ground techniques and 10 ground techniques (defensive) - 5 special kicks

Blue/Red  (4th)

50 Techniques - 10 ground techniques (offensive) - 20 strikes - 10 punch defense (strike/kick) - 10 advanced single kicks

Red (3rd) Student  Aide

54 Techniques - 10 punch defense (twist/throw) - 20 strikes - 14 chokes (defensive) - 10 advanced single kicks - Paper on what Hapkido consists of

Red (2nd) Student  Assist

51 Techniques - IS kick defense (front, round and side) - 7 chokes (offensive) - 24 ot su (from front) - 5 double kicks - Paper on ki

Red (1st)

57 Techniques - 15 kick defense (spin, ax and low spin) - Special  Assistant - 5 foot blocks - I2 ot su (from rear) - 10 chop defense - 5 double kicks, 5 angle kicks and 5 combination kicks - Paper on Hapkido - basic history

Black  (1st  Dan) 

52 Techniques - 26 Techniques (16 throw defense, 10 clinch into low holds) - 26 ho shin sul (self-defense techniques) - Board break: assorted breaking - Detailed history paper on Hapkido Mu Gong Kwan

How Our Program Works

Online courses - how they work

Online learning removes the traditional boundaries of time and location to offer you the flexibility not often found in other situations. You can set your own pace and choose the most convenient time and place to study. Read more

Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Gagne

Teaching Martial Arts since the 1970s, GM Gagne is the author of five books and producer of nine DVD's that are used all over the world by Distant Learning students, even Secret Service use them. Read more

Hapkido Curriculum

Hapkido Curriculum

The Marshall Gagne Hapkido Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum of 393 traditional techniques and training methodologies. The program takes a systematic approach to producing a well-rounded martial artist. Download Curriculum