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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne


How Does Online Learning Work?

Online learning removes the traditional boundaries of time and location to offer you the flexibility not often found in other situations. You are not required to be in a physical classroom and can set your own pace and choose the most convenient time and place to study.

Classes designated as online are delivered to students worldwide via the Internet and require that student have access to an adequately equipped desktop computer, laptop or tablet. DSL or higher internet connectivity is preferred and is required in several programs.

Online via uses a secure online learning platform for its courses. provides user-friendly access to course materials, discussion groups, and other learner services. Our courses provide streaming videos of our hapkido curriculum recorded from our dojo programs.

How do online courses work?

Our online classes are available 24/7 for a stated number of months. Participation in discussions and other learning activities are at the discretion of the student.

Discussions are critically important! Since you don't see your instructor and fellow students, you should use the discussion board often. Contributing your thoughts and experiences makes the course much more interesting and valuable for both you and other students, In online courses, there's no way to sit in back of the room and avoid practicing — you must be present and active.

Is online learning right for me?

Learning online works for many people, but it is often a new experience and takes some getting used to. To succeed as an online student, you have to be reasonably independent, motivated, and able to manage your time well. You will not attend classes in a dojang, so you assume more responsibility to practice and balance your coursework with your personal and professional life. You will have a much more active role in managing your online learning experience than you would in a dojang.

Online Learning Blended with Classroom Instruction

Our courses are an excellent compliment to hands on instruction. Course instruction is provided to students through the online delivery methods described above and can be practiced in their martial arts school with other students and the instructors.

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