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Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
Hapkido - Won Ki Do - Won Kum Do
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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne

A Royal Martial Art

A Royal Martial Art - Not A Sport

Marshall Gagne

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne

Won Yu Hwa

圓 Won - Circle
流 Yu - Flowing water
和 Hwa - Harmony
The power of softness…

Teaching Martial Arts Since 1970

Marshall P. Gagne was taught how to box from his father who boxed when he was in the Marines, he was about 5 years old, he also wrestled.  

In Basic Training he learned Hand-To-Hand Combat that was in 1967.  In 1969 he was sent to Korea and started his martial arts training.  He served with the 82nd Airborne, was a on the Green Beret Sky Diving Team and was a proud member of the United States Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights. He was a licensed Jump Master. He has taught Hapkido to people from all branches of the military and law enforcement.

Hapkido, "the way of coordinated power," is based on the water theory, a philosophical martial art that dates back over 1500 years to a famous Indian monk, Bodi Dharma. Hapkido evolved from the elite ancient fighting arts of the Korean Hwarang warriors. (Flower Knights).

GM Gagne is the author of five books and producer of nine DVD's that are used all over the world by Distant Learning students, even Secrete Service use them.  Click on the Distant Learning Program button for more information. 

Martial Arts Business Coach
Two time Martial Art World Hall of Fame

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Martial Art Business Coaching

Martial Art Business Coaching Tired of working year after year at your school for the same income? Learn sales and advertising that is inexpensive and works.

Frustrated at how hard it is to grow your student body, while maintaining the integrity of your martial arts program? You will have high standards and learn how do develop Instructors and staff…….

Join the U.S. Hapkido Association today.

The U.S. Hapkido Association is a non-political organization. Everything is priced very reasonable. We want to have a win-win situation for everyone.

Coaching/Business Consultation:

  • The first call is free and prices vary depending on your needs. We will come up with a plan of action that will get you to your goals
  • To receive coaching from Grandmaster Gagne, you do not have to be a member
  • The best and most economical way to proceeds is to take small steps
  • Growing your school takes commitment and action
  • School owner’s that are members will receive a U.S. Hapkido Representative Certificate, the Pass Book and when you qualify, you will receive Black Belt certification which will be your licenses to teach three Martial Arts, gymnastics and more. Please see seminars


  • Arrange for Grandmaster Gagne to go to your location for a seminar
  • Call for details. It’s not expensive!
  • All seminars at your location will be set up so the person that organizes it gets paid for their time.
  • Prices vary. Grandmaster Gagne will be fair with you. That is guaranteed. Call for details: 828-894-9424 or email

Grandmaster Gagne has over 45 years of experience, most of which is full time! Martial Art Business Coaching


“After talking to Grandmaster Gagne on the phone for a short time, I have doubled my students in one month’s time! I have signed up more students in this one-month than I have in my whole martial arts business career. Because of the martial arts business Coaching I quit my job as a fireman and became a full time Martial Arts professional.”

Master Derrick Harris

The HOT LINE with Grandmaster Gagne is REAL and EFFECTIVE. If you have any questions about the program or new ideas for belt testing he answers you really fast! It’s amazing! I’m very satisfied with my decision to join. At the first moment, Grandmaster Gagne makes you feel part of this family. He also came to Spain and we had a seminar plus he tested both Master Martinez.

Sincerely, Fran Pérez

During my time with Grandmaster Gagne, he was teaching health and nutrition. I was addicted to fast food and later on in my life I converted to the vegetarian diet. It has now paid off for me and now my motto is eat to live not to die. I lost over 75 pounds. A big thank you to GMG.

Shane Mckart

We are centrally located in Greenville South Carolina, minutes from Greenville Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).

Set up a time to fly or drive in for a seminar. We teach individuals or groups that are members and non-members.

There are lots of nice hotels or you can stay at the Do Jang for FREE.

Our Headquarters is minutes from the GSP airport with free shuttles.

The closest hotels that are within walking distance:

Best Western Airport Inn
5009 Pelham Road Greenville, SC 29615


Extended Stay America - Greenville - Airport
3715 Pelham Road Greenville, SC 29615-5010

You can pay on PayPal to

Unlimited general questions to Samantha at

This course is not intended for the student to go to Black Belt without any hands on instruction. There are multiple locations you can go to for hands on and testing. This is not a franchise.

Our DLP and our coaching is extremely beneficial for TaeKwonDo, Tan Soo Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido or even Hapkido schools because we have books and video you can simply pick up and follow. You will have a support team that will help you anyway we can.

7 Reasons why you should join the U.S. Hapkido Association

  1. Enhance your curriculum with more and new techniques. 393 techniques in the Hapkido video series plus the Won Ki Do and Won Kum Do videos give you three complete curriculums all the way to Black Belt. Learn and be able to promote in three Black Belts at a time.
  2. Recruit and retain more older students.
  3. Teach students of any age.
  4. You can earn a Black Belt in Hapkido and a Black Sash in Won Ki Do and Won Kum Do.
  5. Learn to be a Professional Instructor. Have your own school and live the American dream. Have access to Martial Art Business Coaching from a professional Grandmaster with over 45 years of experience.
  6. School owners who join keep their student testing fees.
  7. See the Special Seminars list for what we have to offer.

“Still happy living in the Martial Art World, teaching, testing and helping school owners”.

Special Seminars in:

  • The Grandmasters collection
  • Ground Fighting
  • Short Stick
  • Long Stick
  • Pressure Points
  • Scarf, Belt and Rope Techniques
  • Walking Cane Techniques
  • Nun Chucks
  • Knife Defense and Attack
  • Defense against weapons
  • Cutting: Bamboo and Straw mats with the sword
  • Breaking: wood, concrete empty hand and foot
  • Gymnastics: how to teach and/or perform
  • Breathing, Meditation, Ki-Gong
  • Special Kicks
  • Extreme Martial Arts (XKD)
  • Women’s Self-Defense

Instructors Course:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (R+) Psychology
  • West Point Leadership
  • Health and nutrition

Professional Martial Art School Owner:

  • Staff training
  • After school Martial Arts with transportation
  • Summer camps
  • Sales, marketing and customer service
  • Social media marketing
  • Special Events for school promotions
  • Up Grading
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