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Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne


Personal Coaching Support to Develop Your Curriculum

Curriculum is a framework of instructional strategies and methodologies that empower students to aspire to and to attain required standards and outcomes of your martial arts school, while addressing individual student abilities. GM Gagne understands these critical steps of Curriculum Development and provides flexible, innovative solutions for training by customizing the martial arts school/club curriculum to fit the school owner’s objectives.

Options include:

  • Ground-Up Curriculum Development
  • Update Existing Training Programs

GM Gaggne uses over 40 years of industry expertise and experiance to develop the perfect curriculum to produce training programs that help recruit new students, retain existing students and call for reductions in training time constraints and overall costs.

How it works

Analyze  Design  Develop  Implement  Evaluate our client’s needs.

GM Gagne can:

  • Identify Training Program Issues and Propose Solutions
  • Catalog Existing Training Data
  • Build our Client’s a Foundational Blueprint
  • Enable Efficient & Effective Implementation of Training

Let GM GAGNE assist you with your curriculum development needs. Please contact GM Gagne using the form below and get started!

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Grandmaster Gagne:

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