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Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
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Grandmaster Marshall Gagne


Your employees are the lifeblood of your martial arts school/club. What they say and how they act effects your image, your sales, your reputation and your success. Employee training must do more than teach tasks... it must impart skills combined with an ethic and a mindset that truly represents your brand.

For more than 40 years, GM gagne has been providing training seminars, workshops and instructor coaching to all levels of staff. Consistency within your brand is key - as your members' impressions of your school/club are only as good as their last interaction with your staff. Strong training and ongoing assessments are necessary to maintain your image and drive long term results. Our training has included: Onsite Personal Trainer Certifications in GM Gagne’s Hapkido and Weapons Curriculum; Instruction on How to Conduct a Seminar; New Hire Orientation; Membership Sales Training; Customer Service Training;, Management Coaching; Leadership Development and Teambuilding Events.

Let GM GAGNE assist you with your Staff Development needs. Please contact GM Gagne using the form below and get started!

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